Crunch Time!



My senior year at Pace University has been a great one so far, but extremely tiring and stressful. I hope I do not get bags under my eyes. I feel them coming! Working hard has become my first, middle and last name. But, I am proud to say that I am excelling in all of my classes and have not been struggling on a subject. I’ve realized that I put a lot of effort in my studies than in the past. With my undergraduate studies coming to an end in May, it has motivated me to be greater. Graduate with a bang!

It is very exciting to go straight into graduate school, why stop now? I would be the first in my family to receive a master’s degree and I couldn’t be more proud. To be a great role model for my younger sister and showing her that it can be done, gives me a great feeling. Planning my college career out so well, I actually get to start graduate courses before I even have my bachelor’s degree. I love getting a head start and being ahead of the game. The same situation happened when I was in high school. I had the opportunity to graduate early and receive my diploma in January instead of June. That allowed me to have a great head start in college.

Now that it is ‘crunch time’, a lot of stress has been added. I feel as if I do not have time for myself, but manage to make time for my passions. Being a fulltime student, a senior, and having two jobs, stress has also become my first, middle, and last name. I am lucky to be able to handle everything and have not received what us youngsters call ‘senioritis’. A lot of other students I know have claimed they have the ‘illness’ and that they are over school. They ask me, why don’t I hang out as much, and why don’t I go out for drinks with them. I continuously tell them, “I don’t know about you, but I am trying to be successful. Drinking and partying to relieve ‘stress’ does not help. Staying focused and attempting to get as much sleep as possible is what keeps me going.” Not to say that you can have fun once in a while. I just realized that I have my priorities straight.

A grandma I may be called, stressed and beyond tired I may be, but its crunch time. All of what I am going through now will be worth it in the end. In the next couple of years when I am settled, stress free, with my bachelors and masters degree, happy and loving my career, I will see who is in their ‘crunch time’, stressed and trying to find a job they love, when they should have been doing so years before in our prime.






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Ashé Kennedy, a resident of New City, is a senior at Pace University, where she is majoring in media and communication arts with a minor in art and entertainment management. She hopes to work in broadcast news, public relations or the music industry.

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